to folks who are writers/write oftenish/have some kind of writing practice or discipline:

* do you go into your writing time with a plan or do you just free write? if you're working on a fiction story, say, do you plan out which scenes you're going to tackle that day or do you just work on wherever you're at in the story?

if you do poetry, do you plan which poems you're going to write or just write whatever strikes you?

* do you include editing in your daily writing time or is that a separate time?

for me, i've been trying to write 30 minutes a day (planning on increasing as i get into it more). i have been starting off with an exercise from a writing book i have and then just been freewriting with the rest of the time. the problem with this (for me) is that i am ending up with a ton of fragments and things half finished. i also don't ever do any editing because i am not sure if that should be included in my daily writing allotment. now, i know i can set my own rules and it's whatever works for me, yada, yada, yada but i am curious to hear from other people about what they do that works for them. i am just feeling this out.

i've never been a disciplined writer. i always wrote whenever the fancy struck me about whatever i felt like. and i have never been a good editor. in fact there are very few times that i will edit anything. sometimes i don't even re-read stuff. this is a problem, i know, and one that i am interested in correcting. hence asking about when editing happens for you.

any insight would be awesome!

my morning playlist

i made this playlist recently with songs that are making me happy. i thought i would share it on here. a few notes: i made this to listen to on my morning commute, so it's generally pretty mellow music. i'm half asleep at that hour and louder music just grates on me. overall, though, this is the music that is making me happy these days.

morning playlist: song title (artist)

don't stop believin' (glee cast version)
true colors (glee cast version)
on my own (glee cast version)
down (jay sean featuring lil wayne)
one day (matisyahu)
she (over the rhine)
us (regina spektor)
i dreamed a dream (susan boyle)
orange sky (alexi murdoch)
quelqu'un m's dit (carla bruni)
gospel (charlie sexton)
runaround (coyote grace)
hold on (emmylou harris)
song of the magi (anais mitchell)
please, please, please let me get what i want (the smiths)
surprise (rachael sage)
last song (julie miller)
if the brakeman turns my way (bright eyes)
wishbone (rachael sage)
the con (tegan and sara)
don't think twice, it's all right (bob dylan)
what i cannot change (leann rimes)
immersed (allison crowe)
last words (the real tuesday weld)
get better (mates of state)
the rising (bruce springsteen)
come on get higher (matt nathanson)
death and all of his friends (coldplay)

shamlessly asking for gifts

hey all! so i made an amazon wishlist of stuff i need/would like for the new apartment. if anyone feels like giving me a housewarming gift or an early birthday present (my b'day is october 7) something off of this list would be great. for the most part i tried to pick the cheapest stuff (and there are some super cheap things on the list like cleaning supplies, etc.). obviously there are a couple of things on the list that i totally don't need, but would enjoy and i put those up anyway. for the most part the housewares stuff is stuff that i don't have but will need to buy. if you feel so inclined, browse away. if you'd rather just send me some money via paypay you can do that, too! (my email is divinemaddess (at) gmail) anything would really help out, be super appreciated, earn you my undying love (oh wait! you already have that!) so yeah. i shall post it here if you want to utilize it.

advice needed

does anyone have any tips for traveling a long distance in a car with a cat? like 12 hours one day, 9 hours the next?

i have a cat carrier that i am planning on putting her in. i figure i'll let her out when i stop for gas and stuff, but i obviously can't let her out of the car or i'll never get her back in.

any tips would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

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