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leaving the eddy

i am a legend in my own mind

7 October 1980
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i am an anarchist reverend. i live in the middle of all worlds, but am never fully apart of any of them.

activism, alternative education, alyson hannigan, amber benson, ana egge, anais mitchell, anarchy, angel, angst, anne lamott, anthropology, anti-authoritarian education, antje duvekot, aradhna, biblical textual criticism, blogging, books, bright eyes, broadway, budget travel, buffy the vampire slayer, changing the world, che guevera, cheesesteaks, christianity, church, comic books, cooking, creativity, dance, daniel quinn, ddr, deschooling society, diary, disc golf, dorothy day, douglas coupland, dvds, education, ember swift, europe, fight club, film, firefly, french fries, gnostic gospels, grace college, harry potter, heroes, homeschooling, ishmael, jess klein, john taylor gatto, joseph arthur, joss whedon, journaling, kissing jessica stein, liberal homeschooling, literary geeks, live music, lord of the rings, madeleine l'engle, malt vinegar, martin luther king jr., masculinity, memoirs, men's studies, michael moore, microbrews, military, military history, miranda stone, moleskine, movies, music, my chemical romance, nanowrimo, neil gaiman, noam chomsky, nonviolent resistance, notebooks, pa, pacifism, pasta, pens, perfomance, photography, pilot pens, pizza, poetry, pop culture, preaching, queer, rachael sage, radical politics, rainer maria rilke, reading, religion, scriptwriting, singing, spoken word, storytelling, t.a.t.u., talking about god, tea, tegan and sara, television on dvd, testosterone, text messaging, the amazing race, the naming project, theology of the body, travel, union theological seminary, unschooling, us army, us navy, v for vendetta, will and grace, writers, writing